About Us

"I have been in the financial services industry for more than 29 years now and am blessed to be in a profession that I love. Helping my clients manage their resources in a manner that helps them achieve important milestones in their life is a thrill." - JD Wiedmaier, Founder

We are continually striving to enhance the financial planning services we offer our clients. With Milestone Financial, you can expect:

  • Successfully saving and funding college education for a child or grandchild
  • Paying off a mortgage and realizing the amazing freedom of being completely debt-free
  • Reaching retirement and being able to visualize a plan for dependable retirement income
  • Taking precautions to preserve retirement income in the event of an unexpected occurrence
  • Access to a broad array of the industry’s top financial tools
  • Freedom to help our clients without the pressure to sell proprietary products
  • Significant flexibility and choice relating to planning services and investment and insurance tools

Helping clients be good stewards of their financial resources so they can reach significant milestones is what our role is all about. It is for these reasons that we founded Milestone Financial and partnered with an independent broker/dealer.

Additional flexibility and access to some of the industry’s top tools enhance our ability to accomplish the financial milestones that are most important to you.